English musician Daniel Caine has stricken again with another mindblowing record called “Nocturne”.
The follower of “Journey Through an Open Mind” was released on June 8th, 2018, and it has all the looks of being one of the top post rocks albums on 2018.

In general terms, the album comes with a refreshing new age vibe, mixed with a chillout aura and it makes the album to have a fresh air and an interesting atmosphere there.
“A Storm is Coming” makes clear what I said before, it has a fresh vibe in it, has ethereal guitar melodies and vibrant textures.
Next, we have “The Witching Hour”, that features Hailey Rose (Both of them had a project called Lunar Sol), this piece brings a piece of mind throughout the song, has an incredible and beautiful vocal performance in it, I think it is the most “new age” song on the album.

Insomniac” is much more like “A Storm is Coming”, vibrant and relaxing guitar melodies with an ambiance atmosphere on the background.
The fourth theme on the album has all the potential to be one of the best Dan Caine songs, “3 am” has a chillout relaxing vibe, terrific guitar melodies, and the drum pattern, man, it’s such an amazing piece of work, Dan demonstrate to us how talented and how versatile he can be.

“Moonrise”, a perfect instrumental of his own with enjoyable layered guitar tunes and brings a deep state of meditation.
The piece that closes the album is “Time To Wake Up” that continues with the line of previous songs, chillout vibes, guitars once again are such a magnificent thing to listen and enjoy, wonderful instrumentation in all of these pieces.

I am very satisfied with “Nocturne” and hope all of the people who listen to it, are too.

You can hear and buy the album below:

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