The Outsider is a post-rock project from Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer Andrea Cicala, he released his first album in November 2017, it’s called “Beauty Awakens The Soul to Act” and a few weeks ago, came up with his somophore album called “Hyeon”.

“Hyeon” is composed by 9-Tracks and has absolutely an excellent composition and performance, has an incommensurable beauty from the beginning to the end, since “Intro” to “The Deep Roar of The Breaking Waves”, which is an astonishing piece on the album.

The album has different colors and shades, there are darkest parts, there are happy ones too, there are passages with an intense rhythm, parts that are euphoric and parts that definitely are much melancholic, everything sounds perfect, like every instrument recorded it’s in his right place, at the right moment.
The atmosphere, wow, what can I say about that? It makes a lot of thoughts come alive, a lot of emotions, it gave me chills, I think there’s no need of saying more, definitely, this is a record you have to listen to and experiment by yourself what I’m saying.

The picture that reflects in my head while listening to it, is the place where I want to be, the album cover reflects somehow the concept of the album, it’s kinda hard for me to explain it, but hope you get it.
For albums like this, is hard to choose a favorite song but I think “Materia” gets the first place.
You can listen and buy the album below:



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