(Artwork by Jimmy Trippier)

Polar Institute is a Post-Rock band formed by Manchester-based musician Rob Thorpe (guitar), also features Ellie Boney (cello), Cat Hanson (saxophone), Ániko Toth (soprano voice), Danny Wellens (piano) and Aden Peets (drums).
They’ve released his self-titled debut album on April 2018 via Bandcamp.

After making a score for an experimental film, Rob did an expedition in 2013 to Tierra del Fuego (South America) and Antarctica, the fact he was reading about the history of polar exploration and sailing the waters in which Shackleton’s Endurance expedition was lost, provided inspiration for the songs on Polar Institute’s self-titled debut album.

Polar Institute’s musical style comes from a cross-genre, classical music, minimalist, Nordic folk with shades of post-rock and pop, but the result is simply phenomenal, we can’t label Polar Institute’s as a “classical musical band” or a “post-rock band” cause I think they have created their own musical genre which is a well-crafted and detailed sound exceptionally taken to another level, adding the fact that they have a soprano voice, it adds much more contrast to the songs.

The atmosphere created through the entire album is absolutely brilliant, composed of ethereal sounds, magnificent piano and strings arrangements, creating a whole emotional experience for the listener.

I think, there are a few pieces that stand out from the rest, “Ebb”, “Cetacea” and

, even if the entire album is astonishing, these three pieces are superbly, excellent work and excellent debut.

You can hear and order Polar Institute’s self-titled album below:


Polar Institute’s Social Networks:





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