Hymns For The Angels is a one-man project from Boston, Massachusetts, HFTA has released just an album so far “The Nine North Winds” on December 2016 and actually, he is recording a new album which is expected to be released this fall.

“Ethereal Messenger” is the opening piece, a short intro that gives way to “Smoke and Fire” is like a “spiritual song” much emotiveness and joy through the song, a classic post-rock piece.
“Empyrean Army Pt. I” is delightful, a sense of quietness surrounds you while listening to it, “Empyrean Pt. II” is a bit slower than Pt.I but tremendously explosive when the instruments collide at the same time, also it features a robotic voice who says something unintelligible.
“Alone in Purgatory Pt. III” has a dark synth which is followed by an ethereal guitar melody in the background, but then it goes a bit heavy, drum patterns are magnificent, the heaviest song on the album.
The sixth song is “Wasted Lands”, more like an ambient based piece, with catchy guitar lines and sometimes reminds me of Caspian.
“Autumn Doors” is intensity, is mysterious, has a strange background sound but then it clarifies and gets slower and we can perceive something like the wind passing by.

“The Phoenix (Circle Of Angels)” is the 2nd longest song, it feels like is divided in two, the first part has a sensation of peace, a sensation of melancholy floating by the guitar notes, the second one, has some vocals wich maybe say something like “danana danana hurry up” (or maybe I’m wrong) it’s more a progressive cut on the album.
And yep, almost like a lot of albums, there’s a sad song: “Crossing Over”, a piano arrangement that cries for itself, a vibe of desperation, sadness, melancholy, a lot of feelings caught there, it’s perfect, the best song on the album so far.
Everything comes to an end, and what a way to close this album ” The Night of Your Departure” has a bit of each previous song and turns it into a whole experience.

You can listen and buy “The Nine North Winds” below:


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