Artwork by David Paul Seymour.

Canadienne acoustic-neo folk duo Cornícula has released a somophore album entitled “To The Moon” released on September 14th, 2018 and recorded on Magmasonic Studio between June and August on this year.
“To The Moon” is the opener of the album, it continues the line of the previous release “On The Way”, working onto a semi-acoustic ambiance accompanied by some synthetizer arrangements, giving the songs a bit of color.
Singer Valerie Murray’s voice has shown us again an incredible display of ability while singing, great performances through every song, but especially on “Welcome”.
There are some acoustic tunes like “Purity”, sweet, sweet guitar arrangement, like a classical guitar piece.
“A Tribe in the Space” and Sandana II” are the shortest pieces on the record, due to they are instrumental cuts or interludes, they had some afro vibes, I should say i liked a lot the incorporation of this elements, gives a twist and gives color and bright to the entire record, wish they could have lasted more.
The last theme is “Astrophitecus” a prog-rock song, and I have to say this, this seems like a song being born from The Alan Parsons Project on the “Eye In The Sky” era, has all the elements of it, but Cornícula gives it a personal touch.
As a fan of Cornicula, I have to say this album completely fulfilled my expectations, energic, deep, and relaxing; by the way, the artwork is simply awesome, what a wonderful concept and what a magnificent illustration.

Listen and buy ” To The Moon” below:

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