My Solace Lies is a post-rock band originary from Austria and on June 15th, they released their full length debut album “Authorised Absence”.

The young project from Austrian lands, come with a mixture of post-rock / alternative rock and progressive rock elements, crafting an insane and powerful style which is sometimes groovy, sometimes explosive, sometimes quiet and sometimes melancholic.

There’s a lot of shades in this album, we will talk a bit of what we can find here.

Intro” and “Timeline” are the openers, to be honest, sounds sad and depressive, the atmosphere reminds me of some Anathema tunes.

Frankenstein” is dirty at moments but melodic at times; harsh vocals throughout “Mr. Waltz” and melodic melancholic rythm guitar notes on “Sad.Farewell.Happy“, this song specially reminded me a bit of 10 Years and Staind.

Angry, aggressive, anxious: that’s how “Lamp.ed.USA” sounds, the atmosphere that surrounds is specially intense, I feel tension rising while listening to it, and obviously, the bonecrushing guitar riffs will shake your head.

On the other side “Interlude” is waaaaaaay more slow, tender and soft, like a lullabye for a baby, it is just catchy and lovely, nice interludio.

Speechless” and “The Shore” goes the same way that “Frankenstein”, the contrast of being slow, quiet, melodic and fast, noisy, crushing, both of them fit perfectly with each other and with the rest of the album.

There’s always a positive vibe on this albums, something that makes you feel good, feel happy and out of nowhere you start to jump, something like this happened in my head while listening to “Smokers Rescue” pretty good ballad.

The last song is “Afterglow“, catchy, melodious, and a little bit dark, bitter and depressive, (like my coffee) this is my favorite theme on the album, great work, performance, vocals and lyrics.

You can hear and buy “Authorised Absence” below:

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